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A Christmas “Miracle”

The year neared an end,
The days had drawn short,
On came the Christmas,
To Tom in his fort.

The gifts had been bought,
The wrapping, all done.
All that was missing
Was holiday fun.

The problems with that,
Which soon, you will see
Were visits with in-laws.
Worse yet? Family.

His spirit was weak
His smile? All gone.
His schedule for Christmas
Was all sorts of wrong.

The visits were plenty
With many a stop.
Four places to hit?
Tom’s head just might pop!

First there is Grandma’s,
With nothing to eat.
Then there is Mother’s,
With overcooked meat.

To the in-laws, they’re next
With fighting galore.
And finally, Father’s.
With his latest whore.

Each Christmas, Tom dreaded.
How would he cope?
And would he be gifted
With regifted soap?

But then came the calls,
One after the other.
From Father, from Grandma,
And even from Mother.

Christmas was cancelled!
At everyone’s place.
But how did it happen?
This holiday grace?

Well, Tom planned ahead
With an earlier visit
To each group with nephew,
With cold to transmit.

The spread of those germs
To family and more
Brought sneezing, and coughing,
And throats that were sore!

Last called the in-laws
Not feeling the best,
Christmas was cancelled!
They needed bed rest.

A Christmas alone?
The greatest of gifts.
Tonight, Tom is drinking
From pints and from fifths!

If you are alone
On this Christmas night,
Take heart, smile widely!
No dinners? No fights!

Merry Christmas to you
And your family as well.
May the season bring joy

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