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The Truth

Nothing matters.

The work you do, the product of your passion–if you’re rich enough to pursue it–only has value if other people give it value. And when those few that are your people are gone and the world moves on, so will the context of your achievements; all you have done slipping into meaninglessness.

And even if your work survives and stands respected for generations, nature will ultimately defeat you. Our species will die; our work covered by unencumbered green and then pummeled by wind and snow and rain until eroded to dust.

And then the sun, which had given life to our Earth, will swell in near-death to burn away the entirety of our world in the celestial fire.

And then the universe will collapse under its incredible girth, compacting the infinite into the finite until not even atoms remain.

All of it, everything you or we have ever been, will be nothing again.

As if we never were.


P.S. April Fool’s!

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