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Busy? Yes, and then some…

Inconsistent updates? Techno-erotic romance? Occasional nonsense stabbing desperately toward dark humour?

Yes, all that has been me, and here, these past few months. Time for an explanation.

I’ve wrapped up my studies in editing (books, not film or photos) with George Brown College’s School of Continuing Studies. The splendid ladies of Metroland Muskoka were kind enough to take me on for a program-mandated work placement, and the bulk of my free time in 2015 has been dedicated there. The program requirements now stand complete and I stand with my hands out to the college, waiting for a fancy paper to provide a resume-filter-cracking quasi-qualification that, theoretically, will help me get work.

I had reasons for taking the editing classes. I needed something new on my resume that would look good and marketable. (Honestly, what looks better: “Editing Certificate” or “Creative Writing Certificate”?) I was also editing the work of friends and I wanted to learn the professional standard to be better. Given that my day job doesn’t let me be as creative as I was in my last career, I felt my skills with the English language had eroded and me no write good same like old. Brushing up made sense, and confidence-building was needed.

The big reason though? I want to make a real go of writing, and editing is writing because writing is rewriting. You follow? No? Maybe I didn’t learn as much as I thought…

For many years, being a writer has been an ever-present yet ever-impractical goal. While writing through university and writing through the previous careers and writing for fun, I’ve never made a dollar directly off of said writing.

Not. One. Cent.

As you could imagine, that’s frustrating. I took opportunities to “help out” and “volunteer” and “work for exposure” and I had fun with all of those experiences, but when I had bills to pay, the words couldn’t cover ’em. Being a minor polymath, I’ve other skills that can get me paid, so writing got pushed to the side. Things of late—the personal and professional—have been very, very busy, so guess what got pushed?

Thus the random updates I’ve made here when time allowed, punched out when the muse struck hard, drew blood and demanded words.

And she demands more.

My plan now is to focus on writing. I’ve ideas that demand development, and the goal is to get published and paid in the future, eventually publishing (self-publishing?) long-form works. I have the aforementioned day job and personal responsibilities that I won’t abandon for the reasons you’d expect, so the editing is going to take a backseat to the writing. For certain clients I will continue to provide my services, and I look forward to helping out (so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need me).

Good things are coming. Here’s to more words in our future.


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